Corporate Profile

Company Name Fukuyama Foundry Co.,Ltd
Location (Head Office)
1-9-9 Nogami-cho,Fukuyama-city,Hiroshima
Zip code 720-0815 Tel:084-922-2293
3-2 Midori-machi,Kasaoka-city,Okayama
Zip code 714-0048 Tel:0865-67-1221
Capital \10,000,000
Employee 100 persons
in the foundry:80 persons
in office:20 persons
Production Capacity 1500 Tons per month
Area Land Area Approximately 60,000㎡
Building Area Approximately 22,000㎡
Main Customers Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd
Mihara Machinery Works
Nagoya Machinery Works
Sagamihara Factory
Ryobi Co.,Ltd(Printing machine)
Yasukawa Electric Corporation
Kurimoto Iron Works Co.,Ltd(Water pipe line)
Teral Co.,Ltd(Water pumps)
Sumitomo Nacco Co.,Ltd(Fork lift trucks)
Kyori Industries Co.,Ltd(Lead Frame Press)
Taiko Machinery Co.,Ltd(Vacuum Pumps)
Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd(Marine Engines)
Komatsu Castex Ltd
Yanmar Co.,Ltd


1934 Jul The Foundry was founded
1961 Jun Reorganized to Fukuyama Foundry Factory Co., Ltd
1962 Jan Machinery Division, founded
1963 Dec 3 ton Main Frequency Induction melting furnace,installed
(by Shinko Electric Co,.Ltd)
1969 Jun Approx.43,000㎡ land in Kasaoka City,bought
1970 Feb Operation started in Kasaoka, with the following new equipment;
5 ton Main Frequency Induction furance,(Mitsubishi Electric Co.,Ltd)
1972 Mar Fully transferred from Fukuyama to Kasaoka
1977 Sep Furan Sand molding, started
1978 Jan Machinery Division was separated and independent
as Marumi Industries Co,.Ltd
1980 Dec Green sand automatic molding line (Shinto ASN) installed
1981 Feb 3.5 ton/hour Water-cooled Cupolas, installed
1982 Jul Quantitative Spectrometer Analyzer, into use
1983 Mar Office Computer System(MELCOM-80), started
1984 Jul molding shop, expanded with 1,500㎡
1985 Oct Kobayashi Machinery Co,.Ltd, founded(for machining)
1987 Apr 5 ton High Frequency Induction melting furance, installed
1987 May molding shop, expanded with 1,650㎡
1988 Jan "Crane-Blast"(Shinto KBS-FT shot blasting) installed
1990 Mar 5 ton/High Frequency Induction Furnace(Toshiba, 3,500KW), installed
1990 Oct High voltage power supply(22,000V), connected
Diesel engine driven power plant(500KW×2), installed
1991 Jul New main office with canteen, into use
1991 Aug molding shop, expanded with 800㎡
1991 Oct High pressure molding line(Shinto APK-5 "SEIATSU"), installed
1993 Sep Continuous shot blasting Machine(BMD), installed
1995 Apr 3-Dimensional-Vibrating core making machine, installed
1995 May Furan sand vibration molding line with conventional molding box
1996 May FAS line(Automated flaskless Furan sand molding line), started
1997 Aug New Furan sand reclamation equipment(30 ton/hour), installed
1999 May New Annealing Furnace(30 ton/charge), installed
2001 May New Shake-out machine for big molds, with air-curtain
and sand recovery, installed
2001 Sep Mold Drying line for medium-sized castings, installed
2002 Apr Ladle cart for receiving molten metal directly, into use
Renewal of Diesel Engine Power Plant(500 kw, 1)
2002 Jul One more "Crane Blast"(Shinto KSB-25A), installed
2002 Oct Renewal of Diesel Engine Power Plant(500 kw, 1)
2002 Nov Rotation, Coating and Drying system for big molds, installed
2003 Jan Molten metal carrying court for big molds area, installed
2003 Oct Introduction of 3D CAD system, installed
2004 May NC Pattern making machine, installed
2005 Jan Cleaning and Finishing area, expanded to 860㎡
2005 Mar 4 painting booths newly added.
2005 Nov Automatic granding / finishing machines (made by KOYAMA)
2005 Dec Cold-Box coremaking machine (made by IMF/Italy)
2006 Mar Medium frequedy induction furnaces, 6t×2 (made by Induct-Therm)